I am a Principal UX Designer, a proven catalyst for design-driven innovation, defining next-generation concepts & coaching start-ups on UX fundamentals. 

My specialities include creating visionary concepts for new business/revenue models, leading "3-in-a-box"​ design collaborations with engineering & product, and shaping a progressive design culture. I bring ~15 years of versatile design expertise, from enterprise to consumer, desktop to mobile, and beyond. 

I also  routinely publish & speak internationally, on various design-oriented topics for SxSW, UX Australia, IxDA, IDSA, and other venues.

My Background

  • Prolific Expertise

    From large corporate design teams to driving nimble startup teams and advising early-stage startups, I bring a wealth of pragmatic expertise benefitting any team. 

  • Design Leadership

    Being a design leader is a dynamic, multi-faceted pursuit. I strive to continually provide engaging design leadership value for many audiences and situations.

  • Name
  • §  The Virtuous Cycle of Design  §

    There is no easy formula for good design! Instead, it's a virtuous cycle of learning, driven by understanding users, modeling the problem, and visualizing possible solutions – all powered by creative, iterative thinking in an agile, lean, and efficient way.

    Sure, this all sounds theoretical...until you ask Adobe, LinkedIn, Netflix, Google,  AirBnB, Nest, Square, Uber – who all apply this basic proven model in their own unique ways. Not so theoretical anymore, is it?   ;-)

KEY Themes in my WOrk

After immersing myself in design for web/mobile/desktop apps in Silicon Valley, some key themes emerge that exemplify my pursuits and approaches as a designer. 


Pen & paper is an excellent starting point to unpack the complexity of a problem and discover novel possibilities. Hey, it worked for da Vinci, Picasso, and Jony Ive!

Systems Thinking

I see design problems as ecosystems + platforms + lifecycles of integrated consequences. Map it out & print it out! You might discover hidden opportunities.

Visionary Concepts

Sometimes you gotta go hi-fidelity to express something bold to inspire and motivate a team, or be provocative to force tough questions. Risky? Sure. But what ambitious effort isn't? Dare to see what happens.

My Approach to Design

• How can increased reflection of aesthetic values and rhetorical influence enhance strategic collaboration as well as the products we create?   

• How can the economics of choice/trade-offs be balanced with human needs for respect, trust, and wellness? 

Such questions imply a humanist approach to design. Far from being sentamentalist, this is about realizing that technologies enable profound human interaction and communication vital to living and working 

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