I'm a designer. Here's some work.

My work pushes the intersection of visual design, interaction design, and humanistic thinking. My general approach consists of various quick deliverables, to communicate the concepts, and arrive at a consensus of design direction for implementation. After all – real artists ship!

  • Peel

    [2015 - Principal Designer] Defined various UX iterations of existing Remote Control mobile app for Android, while leading "next gen" concepts with Biz Dev & Sales teams, for exploring alternative revenue models.

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  • CloudPhysics

    [2014 - Director of UX] I  led the re-invigoration of user experience (UX) at a Series C stage enterprise software startup, developing a cohesive, robust foundation with both company-wide & executive support. A revitalized visual design language for style & communication. "Next Gen" UX concepts to provoke & inspire what’s next. Strategic advocacy of UX fundamentals to enhance the product’s value. (SHIPPED)

    BayCHI PDF Presentation of CloudPhysics > 

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  • Crystal Palace - Citrix Labs

    [2013 - Principal Designer] Design lead for experimental project with Citrix Labs (based in Sydney, Australia), exploring a cloud-based cross-device sharing service, that lets you move content among mobile devices. Multiple patents filed. (SHIPPED) 

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  • XenDesktop New Radicals - Citrix

    [2014 - Principal Designer] Served as design lead investigating novel business model and experience concepts to revitalize some options for a stagnant, legacy product and shrinking market.

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  • XenApp Chameleon - Citrix

    [2011 - Principal Designer] Design lead for a mobility pack extension that enables you to run virtualized Windows on an iPad with a server-side touch-friendly UI. Also presented at SxSW March 2012 with a live demo. Pioneered "3 in a box" collaboration model with engineering and PM leads, as a role model to the entire company. (SHIPPED)

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  • XenClient - Citrix

    [2010 - Principal Designer] Design lead with an executive team (including the CEO), to design and deliver a v1.0 of new product involving a type-1 hypervisor on laptops that run virtualized Windows OS, as part of a product launch at Synergy 2010, a major Citrix partner & customer conference. (SHIPPED)

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OTHER work

I've worked on various significant design projects over the past decade for companies like Adobe, Cisco, Netflix, LinkedIn, Oracle, frogdesign, and many others. For a comprehensive portfolio, please contact me to see which relevant past experience is applicable to solving problems like yours. 

  • JackBe Mash-up Composer - 2009

    Concept lead for re-designing JackBe's existing enterprise mash-up composer (a Java app that lives in the browser) with a refreshed visual look, dynamic web-based interactivity (using JS-based toolkits), and re-organized layout of functionality towards a richer, canvas-like experience for non-technical enterprise users.

  • Microsoft Expression Web "Super Preview" - 2008

    Lead UI designer (via Involution Studios) for 8-week project focused on "super preview" feature of MS Expression Web, involving real-time side-by-side comparison of an html page across browsers, with detailed CSS-box model breakouts, and canvas-related tools.

  • Oracle Product Lifecycle Manager - 2007

    Lead UI designer (via Involution Studios) for re-vamping next generation of massive enterprise software app, dedicated to "product lifecycle managment", including visual design, information design/navigation structure, and the creation of specific widgets for efficient data entry/display.

  • McAfee Out of the Box Experience - 2007

    Lead UI designer (via Involution Studios) for re-vamping the overall "out of the box" setup flows for McAfee's product installation and activation experience, as well as providing initial visual UI concepts for the standard dialog boxes.

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