Design involves the intersection of visual design, information architecture, functional design, and humanistic thinking. My approach consists of various quick deliverables to communicate the concepts, then arrive at a consensus for the design direction for code-based implementation. After all, as Steve Jobs said, real artists ship!

Typical problems addressed

  • Flow integration across diverse task modules and sub-processes
  • Dense dataset display for responsive multi-device screens
  • Specialized content with specific content types (e.g., patient census board or admin checklists)
  • Sophisticated terminology and processes: OLAP querying, general ledger/accounting systems, medical database terminology, etc.

Peel (2015)

As Principal Designer I defined various iterations of existing mobile app for Android, while leading next-gen concepts with Business Dev & Sales teams for exploring alternative revenue models.

CloudPhysics (2014) - Shipped

As Director of UX (and solo designer) I led the re-design of the core revenue-generating product at a Series C enterprise startup, with a cohesive UX foundation, revitalized visual design language and interaction model.

Crystal Palace (2013) - Shipped

Design lead for experimental project with Citrix Labs, exploring a cloud-based cross-device sharing service, that lets you move content among mobile devices.

Chameleon for XenApp (2011) - Shipped

Design lead for a mobility pack extension that enables you to run virtualized Windows on an iPad with a server-side touch-friendly UI. Also presented at SxSW March 2012 with a live demo.

Receiver for Google Chrome (2010) - Shipped

Designer on cross-functional product team, delivering Citrix Receiver for the Chrome OS platform, as part of "day one" strategy, in conjuction with Chrome OS for laptops.

Citrix Symphony UI System (2010) - Shipped

Drove a highly time-boxed "tiger team" to rapidly clean up, consolidate, and cohesively blend a variety of web-based UI elements for a range of Citrix applications, forming the basis of an emerging Citrix look-and-feel system of UI components.

Citrix XenClient v1.0 (2010) - Shipped

Design lead with an executive team (including the CEO), to design and deliver a v1.0 of new product involving a type-1 hypervisor on laptops that run virtualized Windows OS, as part of a product launch at Synergy 2010, a major Citrix partner & customer conference.

JackBe Mash-up Composer (2009)

Concept lead for re-designing JackBe's existing enterprise mash-up composer (a Java app that lives in the browser) with a refreshed visual look, dynamic web-based interactivity (using JS-based toolkits), and re-organized layout of functionality towards a richer, canvas-like experience for non-technical enterprise users.

Microsoft Expression Web "Super Preview" (Fall 2008) - Shipped

Lead UI designer (via Involution Studios) for an 8-week project focused on the upcoming "super preview" feature of MS Expression Web, involving real-time side-by-side comparison of an html page across browsers, with detailed CSS-box model breakouts, and canvas-related tools: guides, zooming, and annotation. Also provided keyboard shortcuts, and UI behavior specs, with detailed hi-fidelity visual comps.

Cisco VOIP Interfaces (2008) - Shipped

Lead UI designer for creating the interface for a set of VOIP phone models, spanning "budget" to "sophisticated" markets/users, including the visual design, screen architecture, and comprehensive behavioral details.

McAfee Out of the Box Experience (Spring 2008)

Lead UI designer for re-doing the overall flows for McAfee's product installation and activation experience, as well as providing initial visual UI concepts for the required dialog boxes.

Agile/Oracle Product Lifecycle UI (2007) - Shipped

Lead UI designer for re-vamping the next generation of a massive enterprise software application interface, dedicated to "product lifecycle managment", including the visual design, information design/navigation structure, and the creation of specific widgets for efficient data entry/display: data table, calendar, nested trees, error messaging, and so forth.

Adobe Out of the Box Experience (2006) - Shipped

Lead UI designer for the so-called "out of the box" UI for the upcoming release of Creative Suite (install, activate, uninstall), as well as an enterprise e-licensing ecosystem (backend and client-facing UI's). Collaborated with PMs, Engineering leads, and doc writers as needed.

Adobe CS Print UI (2005-06) - Shipped

Contributed designs, as a side project for improving the print dialog UI for the upcoming release of Photoshop CS3, and future concepts for other Creative Suite products, including panels, widgets, and multipage printing. Worked directly with the PM and Engineering lead on refining the designs for ship.

BEA Weblogic Business Process Manager (2004-05)

Lead UI designer for flagship WebLogic Integration Business Process Manager (BPM)--based upon emerging BPEL standard--owning and driving the UI design for the next version. Collaborated with a dev manager, dev team, PM, and doc/QA leads.

Oracle Financials (2003) - Shipped

Supporting designer for Oracle Financials, a central component to Oracle e-Business Suite. Worked under a UI Design Lead and with usability engineers, with guidance from product PMs.

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